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Our Company

Planet1 Drive & Cult Autogestioni e Servizi specialises in offering services dedicated to Public Bodies and/or private users with particular care and attention for individuals with limited mobility. In 20 years of service we have managed to consolidate our skills in developing rental services with a driver aimed at the elderly and disabled, with vehicles equipped to carry from 1 to 8 people and as many as 4 wheelchairs. Additionally we have designed and equipped our fleet with all that is necessary for the safe transport of any type of wheelchair, in accordance with traffic rules and regulations.

Planet1 Drive & Cult Autogestioni e Servizi has over recent years, while working with companies in the health sector, succeeded in creating an area of integration between public healthcare and private enterprise, providing the former with our cooperation and experience, outlining the optimal use of available resources in order to provide an excellent service. This collaboration has resulted in the improvement of the service itself to the benefit of patient satisfaction.

For the delivery of our services, Planet1 Drive & Cult Autogestioni e Servizi uses solely qualified staff who have all the necessary certification and are members of the drivers’ guilds of their respective provinces. Staff are trained by experts with continual annual updates in: safe driving, first aid, fire prevention, Basic Life Support courses and BLS including use of a defibrillator.


Planet1 Drive & Cult Autogestioni e Servizi has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification and has undertaken several initiatives aimed at continuously improving our efficiency and the service we provide in order to fully satisfy our clients’ requirements and needs.

“The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible”

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Internally trained and qualified staff in order to assure the professionalism required to assure the smooth delivery of any kind of service.

Through constant and continuous training updates our drivers know how to best handle any situation and are able to accommodate people with all kinds of disability.

Vehicles designed and equipped to guarantee maximum comfort during the journey.



Cutting edge equipment and specialized software allows our drivers to remain in constant contact with our operations center, where the positions and routes of every single vehicle can be seen in real time and prompt modifications can be made where needed or necessary.

This allows us to operate with flexibility in services dedicated to Healthcare Companies, Rehabilitation Centers and Rest Homes.



Experience and professionalism accumulated over years of service have allowed us to choose vehicles equipped with a high level of instrumentation and safety, from the choice of internal outfitting to adequate anchoring and restraint systems to enable the transport of any kind of wheelchair.

Those who choose to rely on our company have the peace of mind of having chosen a trustworthy and professional partner.


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